More About Matt

Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager

  • Comprehensive experience in Investments

    Matt began his career in the investment field in 1997. While his experience leans toward equities, his unique background encompasses positions within equity research, mutual fund/manager research, marketing, and client service. This breadth of experience covers equities (both domestic and international), fixed income securities, and mutual funds and has provided him a broad perspective on how the markets work. His clients have included individual investors, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies.

  • Commitment to client satisfaction

    Regardless of the roles Matt holds, he is motivated to ensure client expectations are met or preferably exceeded. He is diligent in responding to and acting on client requests and provides detailed and clear communications about what is happening in a client’s portfolio.

    Matt is a process-oriented investor who seeks out companies with strong management teams known for consistent execution. He also looks for companies that generate solid cash flow, which matches his philosophy that “cash is king.”

  • Community and charitable involvement

    Matt is committed to giving back to the community and to the sports he loves. He is actively engaged in coaching his kids’ hockey, baseball, and softball teams. While Matt ensures that the kids have fun while learning the sport they are playing, he tries to make sure they learn valuable life lessons to transcend the sport and carry over into their daily lives.

    Matt follows a motto from the great Nelson Mandela in that you either win or you learn. Even though losing is tough, it is important to learn from the experience to be a better person, teammate, or player.

    In Matt’s view, sports are similar to investing because mistakes get made - and there are losses – but there are things to learn from the experience to become a better person, teammate, or player. It also is essential to reflect on mistakes to help mitigate any future impact. Conversely, when an investment (or a team) does well, it is key to determine why it happened and whether similar opportunities exist.

    In coaching and in his personal life, Matt subscribes to a “stay humble, work hard” mentality. His career and investment strategy include the same focus on hard work.