More About Ben

Three elements of Mr. Armstrong's experience
make him a critical resource for
client partners.

  • Deep and intimate understanding of how the investment industry works

    Since entering the investment field in 1987, Ben has assisted clients with investment strategies. The resulting breadth of experience has enabled him to develop a deep understanding of how the industry works. This includes knowledge of actual assets (commodities or companies, securities or funds) and the investment banks/brokers that push them. His clients have included individual investors and institutions, both for-profit and charitable organizations.

  • Seasoned veteran of multiple market cycles

    During the first half of Ben's career, the capital markets went through three significant cycles:

    • The first began with the Stock Market Crash of ’87 and ended with the collapse of the dot-com bubble in 2000

    • The second spanned the early 2000s, ending with the global financial crisis in 2008

    • The third is still evolving, but its current trajectory signals that it's approaching an end

    Managing billions of dollars through these cycles, literally tick-by-tick on the front line during the euphoria and anxiety, has been a phenomenal front-row seat at the nexus of global economics, politics and finance.

  • Practical knowledge of legal, financial and investment strategy integration

    Perhaps the most valuable aspect of Ben’s experience has been working with wealthy families—including his own extended family—over multiple decades. The strategies offered by accountants, attorneys and financial planners are complicated for many to understand and their long-term value is uncertain. Having worked through the design, implementation and maintenance of these plans, he has seen the positive long-term impact on family wealth and values.


A key to any full life includes giving. We have supported many great organizations with a combination of the classic philanthropy trifecta: time, talent and treasure. The brief list below includes some of these worthy institutions:

Salvation Army: The Salvation Army exists to meet human need wherever, whenever, and however we can.
Camp Manito-wish YMCA: dedicated to building character and cultivating leadership skills.
Alison Tobey Smart Memorial Fund: focused on fighting anxiety, depression and suicide in youth
Chicago Botanic Garden: cultivating the power of plants to sustain and enrich life
Winnetka Caucus Council: a 100+ year old non-partisan organization serving as a community liaison to village government
Rebuilding Together: bringing volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of low-income homeowners



Conifer Bay Capital LLC
RMB Capital 
Fiduciary Asset Management
William Blair & Company 
Lehman Brothers
Continental Bank


Chartered Financial Analyst ®
Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management, Finance and Organizational Behavior
Grinnell College, Economics