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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."
– Benjamin Franklin

The Success of The One-Woman Show Even glamorous starlets from Old Hollywood were not exempt from the reality of going it alone at some point. Most women are destined to manage their own money, particularly at the end of their lives, so virtually all can benefit from financial literacy, financial planning, and investment.
Elder Financial Abuse Every wealthy family should pay attention to the increasing incidence of elder abuse. Physical or emotional abuse may be more prevalent and understood but elder financial abuse is on the rise.
How to Host a Family Meeting The idea scares the heck out of most people. Families go to great lengths to avoid talking about anything personal or financial. Why would anyone establish an annual meeting exclusively for this purpose?
Gifting to the Grandkids Some wealthy parents communicate little to their heirs until the last moment, leave remaining assets in trust and expect the trustees to educate the beneficiaries. This approach – while simple – deprives heirs of financial decision-making knowledge.
After the Basic Financial Plan Many individuals have been through a financial planning process. This is just the beginning for wealthy families. As wealth and complexity increase, so does the importance of creating and maintaining trusts.
Using Trusts to Organize Your Finances Creating and funding a trust is only the start of this best practice for wealthy families. Trusts require ongoing maintenance and revisions. Family trustees and beneficiaries also need continuing education to understand their rights and responsibilities.
Donor Advised Funds Have you established a donor-advised fund yet? If not, you are late to this party.