More About Lindsay

Holistic Financial Planner and Wealth Advisor

  • Knowledgeable about the unique investment needs of women

    Lindsay provides services in investments, insurance, education and retirement planning, and the financial navigation of major life events. She offers straightforward, unbiased advice and delivers goal-based financial strategies to meet her clients’ needs.

  • Experience with family owned businesses

    Personal experience drives Lindsay’s practice. Her grandfather immigrated from Italy, bought a farm, started a restaurant, earned a bachelor’s degree over 20 years, and ended his career in corporate management. Her father learned from him and owned a home-building company with her mother. They had the American dream – they did well financially and were the “millionaires next door.”

  • Empowering the next generation

    Younger professionals should be saving for large future purchases or retirement, but may not know how to build a portfolio that is specific to their life stage and risk tolerance. Or they simply may not have enough time to build and manage their investments. Many also are receiving inheritances from their grandparents and do not know how best to spend or invest those funds. Lindsay partners with these clients to develop plans for their investments and financial needs.