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Elder Financial Abuse  Famous individuals including Brooke Astor, Mickey Rooney, and Marvel Comic’s Stan Lee all made headlines for being victims of elder abuse in the last years of their lives, proving these troubling realities don’t discriminate even among those with wealth and status. For this reason, every family should prioritize educating themselves about the risks of elder abuse, and wealthy families should be particularly vigilant. (8/21/2023)

The Siren Song of Early Retirement  Anyone planning a summer vacation to France may find their travel plans upended by impassioned objections to changes in the French pension system bringing retirement age from 62 to 64. Photos of the protests evoke revolutionary paintings by Eugene Delacroix and Jacques-Louis David, with President Emmanuel Macron likely counting himself lucky the guillotine was retired a few decades ago. France’s work culture heavily emphasizes quality of life and high taxes are accepted in exchange for a comparatively early and comfortable retirement. (3/31/2023)

Financial Planning for Divorce: I Do, I Did, I’m Done  Financial planning is a powerful tool, helping individuals and families make well-informed decisions while navigating life’s often expensive milestones. Common goals of financial planning are funding retirement or children’s college educations. But our complicated lives are dotted with sometimes unplanned events that can turn the world upside down. In these cases, minimizing the bad is as important as optimizing the good. So, in tough times, thoughtful and objective planning is essential to regain financial footing and bring the future into focus. One relatively common unplanned event is divorce. (2/21/2023)

The Rise of Billionaire Women’s Philanthropic Legacies  With names like Laurene Powell Jobs, Melinda French Gates, and Oprah Winfrey, we recognize the billionaire women who are redefining what it means to be philanthropic in the 21st century. (9/30/2022)

Financially Launching Your College Freshman  With autumn approaching, stores fill with school supplies and college freshmen excitedly prepare to embark on their new adventure and new freedoms. In the years leading to this moment, parents focus on all the tasks needed to get their students ready for this life change. (6/30/2022)

All In The Nontraditional Family  Nontraditional families represent a majority of American households, sharing the same joys, challenges, traditions, and milestones as any other. But the law isn’t designed for a nontraditional setup, as there is no single plan suitable for the varied needs of a broad range of groups including: cohabitating couples, stepfamilies, adoptive families, single parents, and LGBTQ+ families. (3/31/2022)

Risk Management Mid-Flight  Sully Sullenberger has become famous for his heroic role in “the Miracle on the Hudson.” He has spoken frequently about his experience, and attributed his success on that day to a set of internalized skills that include setting priorities, raising important questions, and drawing on the intellectual resources of everyone around him. All the knowledge and resilience we accumulate in good times can protect and navigate us through challenging times if we make good decisions. (12/31/2021)

The Success of The One-Woman Show  Old Hollywood’s glamorous leading ladies charmed the world with their class and sophistication, both on and offscreen, and continue to provide women inspiration for living well and aging gracefully. Though romance certainly played a part in their stories, these iconic actresses often worked alone to develop their professional and financial successes, at times meeting or even exceeding that of their gentlemen costars. As they say, Ginger Rogers did everything the great Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels. (9/30/2021)

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